Opening comments

This site is a merging of a broad range of topics, that builds from my work and life experiences to date. It presents concepts and ideas about how I see work and life can be improved at a practical level, that is balanced, rewarding and sustainable. This site will expand as I have time.

Main areas of interest are :

  • Project Management of complex software development project – taking a step back from it after a continuing long break and commenting from a what I believe is now a more objective viewpoint
  • Educational Psychology – an exciting field that applies to all apects of life. I am currently half way through my Master’s of Education in Educational Psychology at Sydney University and am excited about the courses’ emphasis on the socio-cultural aspects in learning.
  • I have developed through my Master’s course¬† at Sydney Univeristy in 2010, the term ‘Meta-Transfer’ within the sphere of Educational Psychology which is about the processes and knowldege structures¬†involved in ‘thinking about transfer’. While metatransfer is a sub-function of meta-cognition (thinking about thinking), I feel it important to define it as a distinct sub term in the same way that other terms such as elaboration are described as disntinct terms under metacognition. Meta-transfer is about how we go about applying our prior knowledge in domains we know well to learning new domains and also about how creativity occurs. My view on meta-transfer is that if we consciously think about how we transfer what we know to learning new domains and in creating new artifacts, then learning and new developments can occur more readily. There are aspects from Neuroscience in this as well, in terms of which brain areas are activated during ‘meta-transfer’, such as in the use of analogies, which I will outline references further in subsequent posts.

– Steve Moskal